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A Lasting Memory…

We often get stories from patients who are moved or inspired by something they experienced at Rex. Here’s one from Tammie, whose emotional decision to switch to Rex for the delivery of her baby girl left a lasting impression.

My name is Tammie Allen-Pulley and I just wanted to let you know of the wonderful experience I had at Rex. Life has been really busy for me for the past year and I feel really bad that I haven’t gotten a chance to do this before now. Last August 2010 I found out I was pregnant. I started my prenatal care with a local hospital and OB/GYN group in Durham but I always kept Rex in the back of my mind. The beginning of my pregnancy was touch and go for awhile and required additional care and treatment more than a normal pregnancy would. Read more…

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6 Ways to Ease Medical Test Anxiety

You’re in a cold exam room, wearing a flimsy paper gown, staring at the strange-looking medical equipment. No wonder you get frightened or nervous about medical tests. Some people fear these exams because they’re not sure what to expect. Some may be a little embarrassed about the procedure because it involves a particularly sensitive or private part of the body, while others fear any pain that may be associated with the test. Read more…

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Boost Your Balance

If you’ve ever slipped on a wet floor, you know how unsettling it can be to lose your balance. If you were lucky, you grabbed on to someone or something and, as your heart rate returned to normal, you moved on, slightly more cautious.

When you were a child, an incident like that probably didn’t slow you down a bit. But, by the time you’re in your 20s, your sense of balance begins to decline and, with it, your ability to avoid slipping or to recover from a slip. Improving your balance makes it easier for you to “right yourself” when you feel off kilter. Better balance helps you perform better at sports and feel safer and more secure during everyday activities like doing household chores, working in your yard or climbing stairs with a bag of groceries in one arm and a baby in the other. Read more…


Well, Hello There…

Dr. Grace TangDr. Grace Tang is a physician with Rex Family Practice of Wakefield. Her “A day in my life” blog series brings you an inside look at the daily routine of a family physician, both inside and outside of the office.

Hi there, I’m Dr. Grace Tang, a family doctor, practicing at Rex Family Practice in Wakefield and here are some random facts about me:

  • I have been in practice for 10 years, which makes me older than I care to admit.
  • One of the most important parts of my job is to talk to patients about prevention of disease and illness. One of my latest obsessions is this YouTube video:

  • I really like to exercise and I know it is really good for me. Every week I intend to go to the gym at least 5 times, but sadly I usually only make it about twice. Each week I convince myself I’ll go more often next time. Read more…

It’s a Brand New Day… Jo & Levi’s Story

Jo Letterman’s story is part of UNC REX Healthcare’s Brand New Day patient story series. Jo reminds us just how important it is not give up hope, even if your situation is against all odds.

In June 2010 our lives were forever changed. I was almost 18 weeks pregnant with our first child. We had waited past the first trimester to make sure everything was okay and then told everyone! We were so excited. I was going to be 36 years old when I delivered, so I was sent to a high risk ultrasound as a normal precaution. My husband and I walked in on a Monday afternoon to the high risk ultrasound doctor’s office with my sister, mother-in-law and father-in-law. We were all so excited to find out the sex of the newest member to the “Letterman” family!

During our ultrasound, we were told we were having a boy. The doctor came in after a long wait and we were told our baby had several birth defects. Read more…

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It’s a Brand New Day… Carol’s Story

Carol Allen’s story is part of UNC REX Healthcare’s Brand New Day patient story series. Carol inspires us when she talks about the role that compassionate care and treatment played in her successful battle with breast cancer… twice.

After having received a breast cancer diagnosis in January of 2006, and enduring a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation, I thought I was finished with the Rex Cancer Center! So upon my yearly mammogram in Nov 2010, I was very surprised to learn that I had cancer again- this time in my other breast! Not exactly the news we wanted to hear two days before Thanksgiving!

Like the first time, I had a choice. I could put my head in the sand and withdraw from life or I could hold my head high, get the necessary procedures done, and GO ON LIVING! I opted for the second choice! Read more…

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For the Love of Donuts

Ashley HoneycuttAshley Honeycutt, RD, LDN is the Manager of Corporate and Community Services for Rex Wellness Centers. She blogs about nutrition, wellness & healthy living.

There’s only one good reason to eat a dozen donuts at one time – to raise money for the NC Children’s Hospital (and maybe to watch your forty-something husband and brother-in-law dress in ridiculous outfits).

The Krispy Kreme Challenge. Over 7,500 runners (most in some sort of costume) dashing 2.5 miles through Raleigh to down a dozen COLD stale glazed donuts, only to turn around and run another 2.5 miles – all in under one hour – hopefully without getting sick. After years of hearing about it, I finally had the opportunity to participate (as a supportive spectator, of course). Read more…


Do You Have a PCP?

Dr. David TsaiPost by David Tsai, M.D. of Rex Primary Care of Holly Springs. Dr. Tsai is a physician with Rex Primary Care of Holly Springs with a focus on primary care and sports medicine.

Do you currently have a primary care provider (PCP) that you would recommend to a friend? Feeling comfortable and confident with your healthcare provider is an important foundation for the health of you and your family.

PCP’s are most often physicians, but may be a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. They are often the point person for your non-emergent healthcare needs. Read more…

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Bringing Spaghetti Squash to the Main Stage

Ryan ConklinRyan Conklin is a Chef Manager for Culinary & Nutritional Services at Rex. His mission is to bring healthy, gourmet cuisine to the Rex community & shed the label of “hospital food.”

It’s one of those items that you usually walk right past in the produce section of the grocery store. In professional kitchens, it’s hardly used on menus, mostly because cooks or chefs have never used it. I’m going to do my part in trying to change that, because roasting a spaghetti squash is where it’s at. The next time you are out at the market, take one home, as I will now share the simple technique of how to cook this. Trust me, it’s really not as intimidating as it looks. Read more…

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Painful Resolutions

Brian TrabulsiBrian Trabulsi, MPT, ATC is a physical therapist at Rex Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation in Raleigh.

Painful ResolutionsMillions of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions every year. They vary in types ranging from eating healthier, getting organized, or starting a new exercise routine. Many choose running with hopes of completing some kind of race. Some may be shooting for their first 5k, while others hope to finish their first marathon. Unfortunately, the determination of keeping a resolution can cloud your judgment and lead to injuries. 90% of running injuries are related to training errors. As you progress your running routine, some running variables to consider are speed, distance, time, and terrain. Read more…

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