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Are You Ready to Make a Change?

Ashley HoneycuttAshley Honeycutt, RD, LDN is the Manager of Corporate and Community Services for Rex Wellness Centers. She blogs about nutrition, wellness & healthy living.

It’s spring! And I bet you’ve already forgotten all about those New Year’s Resolutions. We’ve all tried and failed. Remember that failure is inevitable if you’re not ready to change. Make sure you understand the 5 stages of change before embarking on a new routine…

1. Pre-contemplation Stage: “I’m not ready”

During the pre-contemplation stage, we do not even consider changing. Smokers who are “in denial” may not see that the advice applies to them personally. Patients with high cholesterol levels may feel immune to the health problems that strike others. Obese patients may have tried unsuccessfully so many times to lose weight that they have simply given up. If you’ve determined that you’re NOT ready, that’s ok. Take this time to make changes in your environment and remove the barriers so that you can be successful when you ARE ready. Read more…

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