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Is Strength Training Good For Golfers?

Brian TrabulsiBrian Trabulsi, MPT, ATC is a physical therapist at Rex Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation in Raleigh.

Are Kettlebells and Callaways a good combo?

For a few lucky individuals, the golf swing is a thing of beauty. They make the complex look simple. You can see some of these perfect swings on display this week at the Rex Hospital Open.

For millions of others, it’s an exercise in futility mixed with occasional moments of brilliance. It’s those fleeting moments of brilliance that keep most golfers coming back for more. The swing is comprised of complex motions that require precise timing, coordination, and strength, to maximize club head speed and transfer optimal force through the ball. In the simplest terms, it can be broken down into backswing, downswing, impact, and follow through. Read more…

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Swinging at Cancer

Brian TrabulsiBrian Trabulsi, MPT, ATC is a physical therapist at Rex Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation in Raleigh.

The Nationwide Tour returns to TPC Wakefield this week for the 2012 Rex Hospital Open. Over the past several years, the Rex Open has donated more than $6 million to support programs and services at the hospital. Funds raised from the 2012 Open will directly benefit Rex Cancer Care.

Fighting cancer can be the toughest battle a person can face in their lifetime. Cancer treatments often include some combination of surgery, radiation, and or chemotherapy. While these treatments are necessary for survival, they can frequently take a tremendous toll on the body. Read more…

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4 Ways to Keep Your Summer Safe

Ah…the promise of summer: sunny days and lazy evenings, barbecues and picnics, getaways and good times. To make sure those times really are good, heed these seasonal safety tips.

1. Use sun smarts

A great tan may look good, but staying pale is definitely better for your health since skin cancer is directly related to sun exposure. Read more…

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Getting to the Core of Pilates

Post by Liz Waddell. Liz is a Certified Pilates Instructor at Rex Wellness Center of Raleigh and a Doctor of Physical Therapy Student at UNC.

“I must be right. Never an aspirin. Never injured a day in my life. The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier.”
– Joseph Pilates circa 1966

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a full body workout with attention to core postural muscles that keep the body balanced and provide support for the spine. The emphasis is to engage the core muscles throughout each exercise. A strong core supports proper posture and is important for injury prevention. Read more…

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10 Tips to Manage Your Time

Time. If only you had more of it, you could get around to all those things you promised you’d do … well, if only you had more time. Exercise, make nutritious meals, floss—and just get a taste of pressure-free living.

The truth is, you probably have more time than you think. To find out, write down everything you do in a typical day, from preparing coffee, to opening mail, to (and here’s a big one) watching TV. Read more…

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A Note on Failure

Post by Marcy Bunting. Marcy is a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and ITS™ biomechanics trainer at Rex Wellness Center of Wakefield. Marcy also specializes in BOSU®, yoga, cycle and creative exercise program design.

I am always teaching the importance of failure, mentally as well as physically. I feel that failure can be a learnable moment as well and is an important part of the life equation. If we do not allow ourselves to experience failure/learnable moments then we miss out on the experience for a teachable moment as well as the God given gift of humility and therefore never be able to grow in a positive way. This applies to marriage, children, friendship …all of what is important in life, Including strength training. Read more…

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Finding Your Metabolic Rate

Post by Abby Meyer. Abby graduated from Virginia Tech in the Spring of 2011 with a B.S. in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise with a concentration in dietetics. She is currently completing her dietetic internship through NCCU and is finishing up her community rotation with Rex Wellness Centers. Upon graduation from the dietetic internship in June, she will become eligible to sit for her Registered Dietitian exam, in hopes to start work as a dietitian by the fall.

I dreaded having my Metabolism tested. Like so many others out there I was worried that the numbers would reveal that I had a “slow” metabolism. One of our other wellness co-workers did the Metabolic testing (aka the “medgem”) with me and her number was 1700 calories/day to sustain basic body functions. As she is 4-5 inches taller than me and weighs a bit more than me I was sure my number would be lower. Read more…


It’s a Brand New Day… Lenora’s Story

Lenora Woods’ story is part of UNC REX Healthcare’s Brand New Day patient story series. Lenora reminds us that taking care of your health should always be a priority even if you are taking care of others.

Going along in my busy and all-consuming world, breast cancer never entered my mind. I had always looked after everyone else – children, grandchildren, parents and my husband who has had a massive stroke. At this point in my life, I didn’t have time to need medical attention. Or so I thought. Read more…

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Lucky Me!

Dr. Grace TangDr. Grace Tang is a physician with Rex Family Practice of Wakefield. Her “A day in my life” blog series brings you an inside look at the daily routine of a family physician, both inside and outside of the office.

Look at some of the lovely gifts my wonderful patients have brought and made for me over the years! When I am having a particularly bad day, I just take one look at the snow globe collection one patient has brought me as she crisscrosses the country, long haul driving, and a smile comes across my face. Temporarily, my troubles vanish. Read more…

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A Proud Day to Represent Rex Healthcare

Post by Lisa Schiller. Lisa is the Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations, Community Relations and Government Affairs for Rex Healthcare.

I recently had the opportunity to travel with some of my co-workers to New York City for the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) Revlon 5K Run/Walk to support women’s cancers. We were invited as guests of Revlon to display the Rex Mobile Mammography unit, which Revlon so generously funded and to announce their funding another new unit.

It was a chilly New York morning, but the enthusiasm of the runners and the heart-warming speeches reminded us why 20,000 people gathered to celebrate triumphs, remember those we’ve lost, share stories and make a difference in the fight against women’s cancers. Read more…

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