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Facing Your Fitness Fears

Whether you’ve never walked a mile in your life or just haven’t done so in years, it’s never too late to get your body into shape. Easier said than done, right? So how do you go from being an inactive channel surfer to a spokesperson for Nike? By facing fitness fears and excuses like these: Read more…

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Post by Ashley Bugbee. Ashley is a Wellness Instructor at Rex Wellness Center of Raleigh.

Are you tired of your usual exercise routine and ready to put some spice into your workout? Zumba® is a program that will do just that! Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance party that is fun, easy, and burns lots of calories! Read more…

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TRX Suspension Training – A Great Place to Hang Out

Post by Catherine Baldwin, a Group Exercise Instructor at Rex Wellness Centers.

Have you tried TRX? Strength training is an integral part of any exercise program and machines are a great way to get started. But, if you have been doing the same routine for a while it’s time to push your fitness. Read more…

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How Losing My Colon Gave Me Back My Life

Post by Stephanie Hughes. Stephanie was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 1999, when she was 13 years old. Earlier this year she made the decision to have surgery to remove her colon and be given a permanent ileostomy. She believes it may have been the best decision she ever made.

I have lived with Crohn’s Disease for more than half of my life. I was diagnosed at the age of 13 and dealt with months of pain, extreme weight loss (dropped from 75 to 50 lbs.), and a lot of trips to the bathroom. I spent a month in the hospital and another year recovering from the ordeal. I was blessed to have a more mild recurrence of the disease during high school where I dealt mainly with a number of flares rather than continuing symptoms.

My freshman year of college was when things changed. I ended up in the hospital again for a couple of weeks and ever since then I have dealt with fairly consistent symptoms. Over the next 7 years I was put on just about every medication you can name, all of which gave me a little relief, but no real change. Plus, the long-term effects of these medications are still unknown. Read more…


Standing Tall

Karin SingletonPost by Karin Singleton. Karin has been working in the fitness industry since 1994 and is a MELT (Myofascial Energetic Length Technique) and Pilates instructor at Rex Wellness Center of Raleigh.

When I teach a MELT (Myofascial Energetic Length Technique) class, I always begin by talking the participants through an assessment where I describe ideal alignment, and the participants are encouraged to evaluate by comparing their self-perception to the ideal. I recently had a question about this. Here it is:

“Why is it so important to be in ideal alignment?”

Sure, it looks look when somebody has good posture but that is not the main reason. Read more…

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Anniversaries – An Excuse for Reflection

Dr. Yale PodnosDr. Yale Podnos is the director of Surgical Oncology at Rex Cancer Center and a Surgical Oncologist at Rex Surgical Specialists. Dr. Podnos specializes in surgical oncology focused on liver, colon and solid organ tumors.

I have been in Raleigh for six years. And what a six years it’s been!

The time has seen a son born, friends made, colleagues arrived, and patients cured. Since anniversaries are an excuse for reflection…

The most incredible thing I have learned in this time is not to underestimate people. I have seen so many people, in such dire circumstances, exude levels of poise and dignity I didn’t know people had and don’t think I am capable of. Read more…

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It’s a Brand New Day… Mo’s Story

Moriah Yarboro’s story is part of UNC REX Healthcare’s Brand New Day patient story series. Mo, as she liked to be called, is a budding volleyball player at NC State who was thrown a major curve ball when an ovarian cyst was discovered last year. Listen to her story about how her tango with the da Vinci® robot at Rex Hospital got her through a scary situation with ease.

Morning, after morning, after morning of pains and suffering I felt that I would be sick forever. Until one night the pain was just unbearable. That was the night I went to the Rex emergency room to get to the bottom of my pain. Read more…

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