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Running the Rex Healthcare Half Marathon – as a Family

Post by Bonnie Quesenberry. Bonnie and her two twin sons, Joey and Josh, have been running together for a year and a half. On November 4, all three will be running in the Raleigh City of Oaks Marathon series; Joey and Josh running in the Rex Healthcare Half Marathon and Bonnie running in the News & Observer Old Reliable 10K.

Joey, Josh and I started getting serious about running about a year and a half ago when the boys were in the 7th grade and running track for Leesville Middle School. I had been running very casually for a while before that by running a mile about 3 times a week, but watching the boys run so much motivated me to bump it up a bit. During that time, the boys really wanted to run a race, so we entered the Capital City 10K in downtown Raleigh. That’s when we really got the bug! The boys did great and I did better than I expected which got us very excited.

That following summer, Josh and Joey were talking half marathon. Honestly, I thought that was out of my reach and I only laughed at the thought. Well, they kept on me for about six months and they both decided they were going to go for it. I guess the pressure got to me and I decided to go for it also. At the end of January 2012 we had signed up for the half marathon RunRaleigh. We immediately started training and were feeling great about it. Unfortunately, Josh injured his lower leg in February and had to bow out of the training. He was devastated, but was very encouraging to Joey and I to continue our training without him. It was hard to keep going knowing Josh was not going to be able to run with us, but we were committed to doing the race so we pressed on. The training went surprisingly well for Joey and I. Although very time consuming, we were feeling really well about the race.

Finally April 15th came and we ran the race, both of us feeling great about our times. Joey ran a 1:47:45 and me a 2:04:24! We were so happy! Meanwhile, Josh’s injury was much improved and he couldn’t wait to sign up for the next half. The boys started running for Leesville High cross country in July and they were well on their way to training so we signed them up for the Rex Healthcare Half Marathon. I was a little overwhelmed by the thought of another half at this time, so I opted for the News & Observer Old Reliable 10K. This way we could all still race together.

We are very excited and looking forward to this weekend! Best part of all, we have all developed a love for running and I see it as part of our future for a long time to come!

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A Different Kind Of Physical Therapy…

Brian TrabulsiBrian Trabulsi, MPT, ATC is a physical therapist at Rex Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation in Raleigh.

Physical therapists (PT) treat a wide variety of patients. While most people are familiar with therapists helping patients with low back pain or recovering from a stroke, doctors are increasing referrals to PTs for pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD). The pelvic floor is comprised of close to 10 muscles that provide “sling-like” support to the bottom of the pelvis. These muscles are vital to allow the internal organs of the pelvis to work efficiently and for pelvic stability with activities. Poor function of the pelvic floor muscles can lead to abdominal/pelvic pain, low back pain, incontinence, constipation/voiding dysfunction, or sexual dysfunction. Read more…

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Fueling for Exercise

Post by Diane Danchi, R.D., L.D.N. Diane is a Registered Dietitian at Rex Wellness Centers of Cary.

Have you ever felt like you needed to stop in the middle of an exercise session due to weakness? Have you ever felt nauseated or light-headed after a workout? Inadequate food and fluids might be the problem!

For those who do cardio and strength training several days a week for 30-60 minutes and have any of the above symptoms, these tips are for you… Read more…


It’s Cibo Time!

Ryan ConklinRyan Conklin is a Chef Manager for Culinary & Nutritional Services at Rex. His mission is to bring healthy, gourmet cuisine to the Rex community & shed the label of “hospital food.”

The Rex Chefs are at it again… this time revolutionizing the typical “hospital cafeteria grill.”

The term cibo (pronounced- chee-bow) can be described as a non-pretentious person who enjoys all food. Either talking about food, or eating food, a Cibo is happy with all things food. Cibo also was used in the form Cib/o taking from the Latin word cibus and was used as a medical term for meals. The two blended together to produce the first venue of its kind in a hospital. Our approach, was to break through the chains, and steer away from fried food, and in return, create a unique dining experience focused on fresh bold flavors, high quality ingredients, and simplistic and clean cooking techniques. Read more…


8 Ways to Stay Fit at the Fair

Ashley HoneycuttAshley Honeycutt, RD, LDN is the Manager of Corporate and Community Services for Rex Wellness Centers. She blogs about nutrition, wellness & healthy living.

Forget the smell of fireplaces and crisp autumn air. For a few more days, it’s all about the deep fried smells of the North Carolina State Fair.

As you plan your trip to the fairgrounds, be wary of the fattening fair fare. Did you know that a giant turkey leg has close to 1200 calories? That’s a day’s worth of calories for most people! And those deep-fried treats can range anywhere from 400-800 calories a piece.

These two weeks are full of temptation, so make sure you plan your eating strategy before you hit the fairgrounds. Read more…

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The Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal

Post by Angie Perrou. Angie is a Registered Dietitian with Rex Hospital. She also teaches Healthy Way at Rex Wellness Centers and speaks in the community. She graduated from Meredith College with a Master’s in Nutrition in 2004 and enjoys working in the areas of cardiovascular medicine, GI surgical, and wellness/fitness.

There is no question that what you eat is crucial to weight loss. You may not want, or even need, to count calories. But even if you take a diet pill, you can’t lose weight without paying attention to what you eat. Dietitians are fond of pointing out that losing weight is a simple matter of using up more calories than you take in. “Simple” it may be, but it isn’t easy, as too many of us know! For best results, of course, you need to work on both sides of the equation. Read more…

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A Breast Cancer Infographic from Rex

Make it a “Pink October” with Rex Healthcare’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month infographic!

At Rex, we know that community education and awareness come first. So we decided to create an infographic to spread the facts and stats of breast cancer, its risk factors and the importance of mobile screenings via Rex Mobile Mammography Services. Please help us get the word out by sharing this infographic with your friends, family and networks online!

Rex Healthcare Breast Cancer Infographic

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Muscle Fuzz

Post by Amy Slater. Amy is a Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Instructor at Rex Wellness Center of Raleigh.

In order to move efficiently, muscles must be able to slide and glide against one another. The more you move, the more efficiently your muscles are able to move. When you go for long periods without movement, your muscles become less efficient. One of the reasons for this is that the muscle tissue actually grows fuzz that prevents them from sliding and gliding against one another. The longer you go without movement the more fuzz that you grow. The more fuzz you accumulate the more difficult it is to move. Thus, the cycle of a little less motion, a little less motion, and a little less motion begins and your range of motion begins to decrease. Read more…

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The Flu: True or False

What you don’t know about the flu can be enough to make you sick—literally! How much do you know about the flu? See whether you’ve got the know-how to fight influenza by taking this true-or-false quiz.

  1. Since the flu season runs from November to April, it’s useless getting vaccinated after the season begins.
    False. While it’s best to get vaccinated in the fall, a shot in January can still help keep you healthy, especially during the flu’s peak in February.
  2. Read more…

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Take Care (and Share)

Post by Jessica Tucker, Operation Manager at Rex Wellness Center of Wakefield.

With each passing year, hopefully we learn better ways to care for ourselves. For some, this means going to the doctor regularly. For others, it means reducing stress, eating better or simply making better use of our time. There are plenty of ways to interpret self-care. The concept seems foreign for those of us who dedicate our time to taking care of the world and people around us. But, if we take purposeful steps toward self-care and share our experiences with those we care about, you will find that it is time well-spent and can often be contagious! Read more…

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