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The 4 Sleep Stealers

When was the last time you got the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep at night? Even if you manage to push aside your worries, forgo late-night TV or leave the house in less-than-perfect shape and get to sleep at a decent hour, middle-of-the-night worries, your toddler’s nightmare or your own aches or pains wake you at 3 a.m.

Not getting enough sleep makes it dangerous for you to drive, leads to weight gain and raises your risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetes. Try these tips to conquer four common causes of sleep problems: Read more…

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Ultimate Guide to a Heart Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet can have a significant impact on your long-term heart health. But a recent study shows just how beneficial a heart-healthy diet can be. In the study, published in Circulation, researchers collected data on the amount of milk, vegetables, fruits, grains, fish, meat and poultry 31,000 participants with heart disease ate in the previous year. Over five years, 5,000 people had a heart attack or stroke. The results found that those who ate a heart-healthy diet reduced their risk of dying from heart disease by 35 percent. Read more…

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Make Healthy Bones Your New Year’s Resolution

Post by Diane Danchi, R.D., L.D.N. Diane is a Registered Dietitian at Rex Wellness Center of Cary and Rex Wellness Center of Knightdale.

Now well into my 50’s, I am reminded of the realities of aging and bone health. When my first bone density screening showed my numbers falling just into the osteopenia category, I thought, “Oh no! I need to DO more of what I KNOW.” Knowing the facts can be an asset in warding off osteopenia and osteoporosis. So, I began to remind myself of the facts. Bones are living tissue; they provide structural support and protect vital organs. Bones are made up of calcium, phosphorous, protein, magnesium, vitamins and other minerals in smaller amounts. When we are young we store and build bone effectively. Most bone (85 to 90%) is made before age 20. As we get older (ages 35 to 45), bones begin to break down faster than they are formed. Read more…

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The Chronicles of Hipaa the Elf

Rex’s holiday elf on a shelf, Hipaa, went almost everywhere on the Rex campus in December. Click through the slideshow below to recap his mischief and bring a little holiday joy into 2013!

Get the flash player here:

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