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12 Reasons Why Umstead Park is Ummm… AWESOME!

In case you haven’t fully delved into the labyrinthine paradise that is William B. Umstead Park, here’s what you’re missing: extensive trails, pristine lakes for fishing and canoeing, campgrounds, picnic shelters, dappled sunlight through trees, breezes over lakes, little turtle and snake friends to say hello to, dog romps in the streams, majestic foliage, and just time away from the day-to-day grind.

umstead park walkway

According to outdoor enthusiast, triathlete, and Medical Director of Bariatric Surgery services at Rex Healthcare, Lindsey Sharp, MD, “Umstead Park, where you can hike, bike, or even canoe, is incredibly valuable to our community from a health standpoint. The health benefits in terms of reduction of stress, improvement in cardiovascular fitness, improvement in the management and maintenance of weight loss, et cetera, cannot be overstated.”

But the real testament to the value of Umstead Park is in YOUR photos.

Here’s what William B. Umstead Park means to you.

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The Best Hummus, from Our Kardia Cafe Chefs

hummus from kardia cafeHummus. So healthy, so delicious.

That’s why it’s a highlight of UNC REX Heart & Vascular‘s Kardia Café, where our award-winning chefs have free reign to pursue their vision of “a hotel style food experience within the walls of a hospital,” to use the words of Executive Chef Ryan Conklin.

Kardia Café’s hummus is both inspired and simple to make at home.

Here’s how to do it.

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