A Lasting Memory…

We often get stories from patients who are moved or inspired by something they experienced at Rex. Here’s one from Tammie, whose emotional decision to switch to Rex for the delivery of her baby girl left a lasting impression.

My name is Tammie Allen-Pulley and I just wanted to let you know of the wonderful experience I had at Rex. Life has been really busy for me for the past year and I feel really bad that I haven’t gotten a chance to do this before now. Last August 2010 I found out I was pregnant. I started my prenatal care with a local hospital and OB/GYN group in Durham but I always kept Rex in the back of my mind. The beginning of my pregnancy was touch and go for awhile and required additional care and treatment more than a normal pregnancy would. I had just started a new job and thought that it would be a good idea to seek care near my job so I wouldn’t miss a lot of time from work.

I was hospitalized once during my pregnancy and was on the verge many other times of being sent to labor and delivery for observation. During my hospital stay at this local facility I had an eye opening experience – one that made me ask to be discharged early and ultimately led me to realize that I did not want to deliver my baby there (nothing against my doctors; they were great). So naturally, I came to Rex and spoke with one of the OB/GYN triage nurses. I was in tears explaining my experience at the previous hospital to the nurse and I was also afraid that I had progressed too far along in my pregnancy to transfer my care but Centre Ob/Gyn accepted me and put my fears to rest.

I delivered a healthy baby girl April 11th, 2011. My experience was nothing but top notch from the time I registered at the desk at Rex Women’s Center to the time I was discharged. My L&D nurse was new at the time and was taking care of me with her preceptor. I really hate that I can’t remember her name but she made me feel so at ease even though things weren’t going the best with the delivery and I had to have an unplanned C-section. She was so confident, professional and kind to myself and my family the whole time. When I was transferred to my room I saw nothing but smiling faces and staff standing there waiting to assist me. One in particular stood out; her name was Queen. She was just what I needed. I have never been to a place, especially a medical facility, where everyone I encountered told me how much they love their jobs. It almost made say I want to work at Rex. I noticed that even the dietary staff was wonderful.

Oh my goodness, had I known this about Rex I probably would have opted to have my other two children there. My experience was out of this world and I tell all of my friends and family the same thing. I have even overheard my husband telling friends and family about our wonderful experience. They have an awesome group of staff in the birthing center and postpartum unit. I am proud to tell anyone I talk to that I delivered at Rex. Those ladies made me feel like a princess and gave me a lasting memory that I will never forget.

– Tammie Allen-Pulley (A fan of Rex Healthcare for life)