22 Reasons Why YOU Love Bond Park

fred g bond park sign caryAn oasis of top notch recreation potential is hiding under your nose. It’s right in the middle of Cary, NC.

Fred G. Bond Park is this oasis.

In its 310 acres, you can do everything from adventure ropes courses to sailing to fishing to biking.

What a way to keep your body strong and mind content.

But don’t take our word for it.

Here are 22 reasons that Bond Park is a special agent of wellness in the Triangle, based on YOUR pictures.

1. It’s huge!

At 310 acres, there’s plenty of room to get lost for an afternoon.

2. It’s a great place to stroll.

Soft pine straw under your feet, light glinting off the water, you get the idea…

3. Dogs and geese, aware of each other.

It’s kinda cute.

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4. If someone tells you to go fly a kite, you can be like “OK!”

And then go to Bond Park and fly one. (You’ll need a kite.)

5. Birdwatching: Not just for the birds.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you birdwatching isn’t cool because it IS.

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6. This tiny, tiny turtle.

The proper response is SQUEEEE!

We found a baby turtle at Bond Park. His name is Michelangelo.

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7. Go fishing!

You’ll be in good company.

8. Proof that dogs can smile.

Wouldn’t you?

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9. And smile and smile.

There’s always more room for proof that dogs can smile.

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10. And… cats?

Sometimes the cats have to come spy on the dogs to find out what they’re so happy about.

Cat in a stroller. Just one of many pets on the trail today. #bondpark

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11. Kids love it.

The pedal boats help.

12. Bond Park is every bit of what it’s “quacked” up to be.

A joke! Ah, yes, laughter: the best medicine.

13. At Bond Park, dogs take their owners for walks.

All they ask is that you keep it moving.

Early morning fasted cardio with this guy. #fastedcardio #reacuedog #workingonme 💪🏼🐶🏃‍♀️

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14. There’s nothing like swimming in a lake on a hot, southern day.

It never gets old (even when you do).

15. They call it nature for a reason.

Because it’s nature! Enough said. Take a walk, dude!

16. Boats galore!

And you can rent them all! You’ll probably want to rent them one-by-one, though, rather than simultaneously.

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17. Pedal to freedom.

Hear the lake, smell the lake, breathe the lake, feel the air.

Morning ride!

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18. Other option: Paddle to freedom.

Kayaking also feels great and is great exercise.

Total coincidence that my nail polish matched the kayak.

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19. Good book + good view + good place to sit = perfect “me time” situation.

This mathematical formula adds up to a great life. Or at least a great afternoon.

20. It’s easy to make friends here.

They make great tour guides.

Seniors: big ducks in a small pond, soon to be small ducks in a bigger pond.

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21. It’s a great place to watch the sky.

Basking in the glow of a sunset is never a bad way to spend a few minutes.

22. Adventure awaits.

It’s nice to know while you’re running around, Bond Park is sitting still, waiting for you to come have fun in it.