Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Hope the Cow

A Rex recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, Hope the Cow is giving you an inside look at her view of the Rex Breast Cancer Center.

My name is Hope. Hope the Cow. I began as a gleam in the eye of a fundraiser for North Carolina Children’s Hospital. The Cow Parade they called it. Teresa Howard was my artist and birth mom. I was deposited tenderly inside the entry door of the Cancer Center. There I was admired and petted and signed by many people.

I could tell that some where signing for themselves because they were survivors. Others signed for those they loved who had died from breast cancer. Others supported friends and loved ones. I have seen tears as the messages were written and hugs and smiles as they were read.

I live in the new Rex Breast Care Center now. It is a beautiful space with a welcoming lobby, pleasant waiting area and really nice robes to wear when needed – none of that flimsy paper stuff.

At night when it’s quiet and I think about all those who have come through the doors for their mammograms or to receive their biopsy results, I know that their names could be on me, too. I hope they are okay. I smile when I greet them because sometimes a smile is all there is to offer. Or a moo.

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