Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Rex On Call

A Rex recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, Hope the Cow is giving you an inside look at her view of the Rex Breast Cancer Center.

Rex-On-Call from WRAL-TV studios was about breast cancer this month, and I watched the replay afterwards.  Dr. JoEllen Speca from Rex Hematology Oncology Associates and Dr. Rachel Goble from Rex Surgical Specialists answered questions from callers about breast cancer and how Rex treats cancer with a Multidisciplinary team.  They were very smart and seemed really nice, too.

Then there was a panoramic of the Breast Care Center lobby where I live.  I was right there!  I have a bow now behind my ear from the recent le Tour de Femme fundraiser and I look GOOD.  I can offer a hoof print in lieu of a signature if you’d like an autograph, since I’m a celebrity and all.

If you want to see the program, here is the link:  Rex On Call: October 2013. All of it is interesting and important and make sure you keep watching until the end.  That’s MY part!

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