Breast Cancer Awarness Month: Hope Dreams of the Future

A Rex recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, Hope the Cow is giving you an inside look at her view of the Rex Breast Cancer Center.

Hi there! It’s Hope the Cow at the Breast Care Center.  I know I am lucky to get to live in this beautiful lobby.  The receptionists are friendly. The furniture is comfortable and you can tell that the staff and volunteers like what they do.  They know that patients sometimes get news that they have cancer, but we have lots of ways to support them here.

 And – really – many patients get their annual mammogram, have a “normal” reading, and we don’t see them again until next year.  Yesterday a little girl wandered over and looked deeply into my eyes and petted my nose.  She was, I think, with her grandmother while her mother was having her mammogram.  By the time she’s old enough for a mammogram, maybe breast cancer won’t even be a concern. Maybe these pink ribbons on my hide will be an archived memory.


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