Eat like a Kid Again

Jeanie StaskoJeanie Stasko is a Health Educator for Rex Wellness Centers who blogs about fitness, exercise & overall healthy lifestyle topics.

Eat like a kid againAfter feeding my toddler breakfast, lunch, and dinner today it dawned on me. We should all eat like kids. I feed my sweet child the best fruits and veggies that I can prepare. She eats whole grain breads, wheat pasta, brown rice, barley, and the list goes on. Lean meats, fish, eggs, greek yogurt, hummus, oh and a little dark chocolate every once in a while. No wonder she has all of that energy!

But it’s not just what she eats – it’s HOW she eats. We sit down for the good old fashioned breakfast, lunch, and dinner but she also has a few snacks during the day. She eats slowly and actually tastes the food. When she is full, she certainly doesn’t finish the entire bowl. In fact, it seems as though she turns into a world class soccer goalie defending her mouth like it’s the championship game.

So try eating like a kid again. You could even throw some food on the floor or tuck it next to you in your seat, both very effective ways to cut portions (although I am not recommending either of them).