It’s Time to Battle – “Got to Be NC” Competition Dining Series

RyanConklinRyan Conklin is a Chef Manager for Culinary & Nutritional Services at Rex. His mission is to bring healthy, gourmet cuisine to the Rex community and  shed the label of “hospital food.”

Wow, what an honor it is to be included in this year’s Got to Be NC Competition Dining event.

It’s great that my team can be recognized on this grand stage, as we will be competing against other top chefs from the Triangle and beyond, stretching as far away as coastal North Carolina.

It’s rare for chefs in healthcare to get chosen to compete against restaurants, but it’s also a testimony to the very special culinary program that we have here at Rex.

Many people have been asking, ”What are you going to cook?” Well, because we will be using featured ingredients from North Carolina that are only revealed to us one hour before cooking, it’s kind of hard to plan a menu. But whatever it is, my team will be concentrating on what we do best, which is serving flavorful dishes that continue to raise the bar of “Hospital Food” as the world currently knows it.

We are not competing for just ourselves, but we are representing the many healthcare organizations across the country who have a deep commitment to serving restaurant quality food to their patients, co-workers, and guests.

Rex ChefsAs for now, my team is getting mentally prepared to battle Chef Trey Cleveland and his team from Top of The Hill Restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC on Tuesday January 20th.

I’m proud of the teammates that I’ve chosen, as both Chefs Steve Pexton and Collin Jennings have earned the right to cook on the Rex team, and prove to everyone that we are extremely passionate about how we do things. I will be relying strongly on both of their talent and expertise during the competition.

For more information about the series, watch the video below, and be sure to buy your tickets so you can experience the event (and the food) in person.

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