“Rapping Up” How Rex Express Care Can Serve You

042114_expresscare1Dr. Linwood Watson is the medical director for the Rex Express Care system and sees patients full time at the Knightdale Express Care site. He is board certified in family medicine and works with an enthusiastic group of nurses, emergency medicine physicians, family medicine physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants in the Rex Express Care system. Dr. Watson enjoys acute care medicine and the satisfaction of people walking out of the clinic truly feeling better.

As many people have seen, the Rex Express Care physicians and staff recently released a humorous rap video highlighting the unique niche that our Express Care system occupies: More services than a retail clinic while still having the ability to do many basic procedures (lacerations, abscesses) and avoid the ER.

Below are some insights into this fun project paired with some Express Care reminders.

Thanks for all the video viewership, comments, and support!

Was the video fun?

Obviously no one expected BET/MTV to be buzzing the phone, but it is healthy to never take yourself too seriously. While medical personnel take their jobs seriously, you always need the ability to laugh.

One item that isn’t fun, is chest pain/potential heart attacks in the Express Care. On average, each of our 4 suburban locations have 1-2 ER transfers each day. Yes, each day!

People “know” the symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, but denial and fear prevent them from doing the correct thing- picking up the phone and calling 911!

Did the video take a long time to film?

Well, as anyone who has made a media production knows, lots of work goes into 30 seconds. Including voice work, it took about 6 hours of takes to compile enough film and audio to assemble the finished product.

Here’s the one tip to (most likely) ensure a quicker Express Care visit: Remember that the least busy time at the Express Care offices is usually between 1pm-3pm on weekdays.

While every day is different and there are no guarantees, this is usually the least busy time to come, if your schedule allows it.

Who was most enthusiastic about the filming?

Age is just a number, and that was proven with the beloved Dr. Jefferson’s performance.Dr. Jefferson is a fixture in the Cary Express Care. He was a bundle of energy for the entire production and had an affinity for the camera!

The Express Care teams also have an affinity to use all of our Rex resources to help you. Remember us if you decide to go to a retail clinic, but are turned away or referred elsewhere because you are out of their scope of practice.

Need an x-ray? We can rule out pneumonia. Need some basic lab work? We have most acute care situations covered. With 4 convenient locations, we can serve you well.


Looking for more ways to determine which type of care to seek? Check out this infographic!


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