It’s a Brand New Day… John K.’s Story

Overall, John Kavanagh felt pretty good but in the back of his mind, he knew something wasn’t right. He said, ‘I was getting tired and didn’t feel like doing a lot of things, but I thought that was age.’ He went to REX Heart & Vascular and immediately they found blockages in his heart and arteries. Like many people, he was concerned about having open surgery to repair the blockages. He was greatly surprised and relieved when he was told he had options. ‘I thought it was amazing’, he said.

By implementing the latest in medical advancements, Rex Heart & Vascular Specialists were able to utilize new technologies that meant he didn’t have to have open surgery; this also meant he wouldn’t have any scarring on his neck or have a long recovery from open surgery. Two separate procedures had been performed with minimal recovery time. As John says, ‘The procedures were flawless and the care was outstanding.’

After the procedures, he began a regular exercise program at REX Wellness Center and feels like he has regained his strength and more stamina. Earlier in his life, he and his wife had traveled quite a bit. Since his medical treatments, John said, ‘I feel so much better and now my wife and I are going to start to travel again.’