It’s a Brand New Day… Polly and Ronnie’s Story

We have battled our weight for most of their lives – forever attempting to lose but inevitably just adding more. Ronnie started developing chronic health conditions related to his weight including sleep apnea, hypertension, elevated blood sugars, high cholesterol, and degenerative joints. I had not been diagnosed with any of these chronic conditions associated with obesity yet. But I was already experiencing elevating cholesterol, blood pressures, blood sugars, and achy joints. We knew that the only long-term solution to these conditions was to get the weight off and keep it off.

Since all attempts had been to no avail before, we began to look toward long term tools for weight loss. Bariatric surgery was suggested to us and at first we were leery from hearing all of the horror stories that people love to share. We decided to do our own research into the programs since this seemed the most promising tool that could be offered to us. We reviewed programs across the state and choose Dr. Peter Ng and Dr. Lindsey Sharp with Rex Surgical Associates. That has been the best decision we have made. Their program is superior to any other that we looked at or have heard about. The biggest plus we have seen is the outstanding personal care and support we received from the moment we decided to pursue bariatric surgery and it continues now with Ronnie being two years out. We do not anticipate this personal care will change over the next 20 years as well. The wonderful care and compassion was also experienced throughout the hospital stays.

Ronnie is two years out and I am one year out and between us we have successfully lost 280 pounds! It has changed our lives in ways we never imagined. The health conditions have all resolved. Our energy level is unbelievable. We now run a flight a stairs at the drop of a hat! We no longer have to worry if the seat belt will fit, the chair will be large enough, or if we are going to be the largest people there. We have even acquired a new hobby that would have never been possible before. We both love to ride our motorcycle through the beautiful roads of North Carolina.

We highly recommend this surgical tool to anyone who has struggled losing their weight by traditional means. We do caution that Bariatric surgery is only a tool to weight loss. Permanent weight loss is totally dependent upon a concentrated effort in changing your lifestyle, eating healthy and exercising. But this tool has definitely been a gift of a lifetime for Ronnie and me. We are truly grateful to Dr. Ng and Sharp and the excellent staff at Rex for allowing us to have this tool to give us a second chance at truly living.

–Ronnie and Polly Padgette
September 2011