It’s a Brand New Day… John M.’s Story

John Mitchell was a healthy 48-year-old man.  Well, pretty healthy… except for one “little” thing, said his doctor. During a routine physical, John’s blood work showed an elevated PSA number. As it turned out, that one little thing meant prostate cancer, and it would change John’s life forever.

He recounts the phone call like it was yesterday. “Cancer,” the doctor said, and a heat wave came over his entire body. Surgery, radiation therapy and recovery made for a tough journey, but it came and went. What remains with John is a positive attitude, and his passion for reaching out to others facing the same challenge. With the support of his family, community and UNC REX Care team, John found an inner strength he didn’t know he had, and now he is encouraging others to do the same.

With that positive attitude and infectious laugh, John is not only lending encouragement and support to those going through cancer treatment.  He is also spreading the word about screening. He works with UNC REX on the Real Men Get Screened campaign to teach others that sometimes those “little” things can not only change your life, but also save it.