It’s Cibo Time!

Ryan ConklinRyan Conklin is a Chef Manager for Culinary & Nutritional Services at Rex. His mission is to bring healthy, gourmet cuisine to the Rex community & shed the label of “hospital food.”

The Rex Chefs are at it again… this time revolutionizing the typical “hospital cafeteria grill.”

The term cibo (pronounced- chee-bow) can be described as a non-pretentious person who enjoys all food. Either talking about food, or eating food, a Cibo is happy with all things food. Cibo also was used in the form Cib/o taking from the Latin word cibus and was used as a medical term for meals. The two blended together to produce the first venue of its kind in a hospital. Our approach, was to break through the chains, and steer away from fried food, and in return, create a unique dining experience focused on fresh bold flavors, high quality ingredients, and simplistic and clean cooking techniques.

At Cibo, you can have items such as pesto grilled salmon with tomato basil salad, Spice Island spicy seared tilapia with mango-pineapple salsa and coconut & lime essence, chipotle black bean burger with avocado mash and pico de gallo, grilled sweet plantains, fresh grilled marinated zucchini, and tossed baby greens with a homemade vinaigrette of the day.

The highlight of our new menu is the Cibo Burger, a 100% fresh, never frozen ground chuck patty, cooked to order and served on a locally baked Neomande potato bun. Just like Five Guys, our burgers are never frozen and cooked fresh to order. You can also customize this simplistic work of art with your choice of toppings including our house made pickles and jalapenos, fresh avocado mash, bacon, mushrooms, grilled onions and more!

At breakfast, guests can try an omelet made to order with toppings like fresh baby spinach, tomatoes, and feta cheese. You can even add our homemade pork carnitas, or spicy beef machaca which is simmered for about 4 hours in a spicy tomato broth with chipotle peppers. Also in the morning, you can have fresh blueberry, banana nut, and whole grain pancakes, or even a grilled 6oz rib eye steak & eggs your way!

If these items start to bore you, there is always our homemade meatloaf sandwich with grilled onions, cheddar and smoky bbq sauce, or a made to order Philly cheese steak, a customer favorite. Available as a compliment to all sandwiches are our signature JoJos potato wedges- never fried fresh potatoes tossed with an array of unique ingredients and toppings such as the Thai chilis, fresh dill, garden fresh rosemary, parmesan cheese and roasted garlic. All served with our signature JoJo’s dipping sauces such as jalepeno ranch, smoky chipotle ketchup, or garlic horseradish aioli.

The Black Hat Chefs are proud of our newest venue, which is a fresh new change from the typical hospital grill station seen across the nation.

Hungry yet? It’s officially Cibo time!

  • KittyLongTail

    Hello, Chef Ryan!  I found your blog to tell you that all the nursing students from WakeTech are raving and craving your broccoli salad! We have even tried to recreate it at home (unsuccessfully.)  It would make our Thursday clinical days even more special to see it on the salad bar. 😉
    Thank you for keeping the cafe fun and healthy!

  • pmadritch

    Can the executive chef share some of his recipes with us?