Lucky Me!

Dr. Grace TangDr. Grace Tang is a physician with Rex Family Practice of Wakefield. Her “A day in my life” blog series brings you an inside look at the daily routine of a family physician, both inside and outside of the office.

Look at some of the lovely gifts my wonderful patients have brought and made for me over the years! When I am having a particularly bad day, I just take one look at the snow globe collection one patient has brought me as she crisscrosses the country, long haul driving, and a smile comes across my face. Temporarily, my troubles vanish.

And I thought I was supposed to make the patients feel better?

Everlasting orchid - has rebloomed 3 times in the last year!

Hand crocheted blanket - cozy on a cold night!

Handmade bag - Vera Bradley watch out!

  • Barbara Howard

    You must be a very special doctor:)