Make Summer Endless: Watermelon Slushie in December (Recipe)

We’re thinking this counts as a “life hack.”

Here’s the concept: You freeze a bunch of watermelon! Then, when winter has come, and the sweet juice of vine-ripened watermelon no longer dribbles down your sun-kissed chin, and you pine for the warm breezes of summer, YOU CAN HAVE A DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY WATERMELON SLUSHIE.

Watermelon slushies

You can win winter, in other words.

It’s so, so simple. Here’s how you do it.

Look, watermelon can last in your freezer for 10-12 months, so waiting from August until December is a solid bet. They say, “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” Let that sink in. In December you will love watermelon.

Here are the steps for making watermelon slushies in the winter!

  1. Procure watermelon. Listen, though: You don’t want to freeze seeds, so maybe consider a seedless watermelon? Otherwise you can quite easily remove the seeds during the next step.
  2. Which is to either cube or scoop the watermelon into little pieces. Remove seeds now if necessary.
  3. Freeze these pieces on a metal cookie sheet, and then, once frozen…
  4. Into the heavy duty freezer bag the watermelon goes. And then…
  5. Into the freezer the heavy duty freezer bag full of watermelon goes.

Now, pause the process while you simply wait for winter. 

  1. Oh my gosh, it’s winter! Hey! How have you been? Gosh, time flies. Anyway, why don’t you get that watermelon out of the freezer right now?!
  2. Put the watermelon cubes/balls/chunks into a food processor and process, carefully adding little bits of water, until liquified but with some little chunks remaining.
  3. Now you have watermelon puree. Add lime juice. (Roughly 1/2 a cup for a small watermelon.)
  4. Try it. Perfect? Not surprising. Needs to be a little sweeter? Add some simple syrup.

There you go!

Nine steps that only take four months to complete. But listen, when that frozen watermelon touches your dry winter lips, it will all be worth it.

Why, you won’t even mind when you accidentally dribble some watermelon slush on your favorite holiday sweater.