No Incision, No Problem

Post featuring Dorian J. deFreitas, M.D. Dr. deFreitas is a vascular surgeon and a member of Rex Vascular Surgical Specialists. He is board-eligible in vascular surgery and board-certified in general surgery. 

The aorta is the largest artery in the body. It starts at the heart and runs down the chest and abdomen until it divides to supply the legs. If the walls of the aorta weaken, a bulge can develop, which is called an aneurysm. If it is not treated, it can rupture and cause life-threatening problems.

“Our noninvasive approach involves making a small puncture in the skin, eliminating the need for an incision,” says Dr. deFreitas. “We evaluate if patients are candidates for this approach based on several factors, including the aneurysm’s shape and location and size and the amount of calcium in the wall of the femoral vessels.”

During the procedure, a graft is inserted through the puncture site, under fluoroscopic guidance, and it is deployed in the aorta. The hole in the artery is closed using a series of percutaneously placed sutures. When the graft is released the blood flows through it, allowing the aneurysm to shrink and eliminating the threat to the patient.

“We have excellent results with this approach,” Dr. DeFreitas says. “Patients are usually ready to go home the next day after surgery, and they have minimal post-operative pain.”

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