Nurse’s Week: What Will a Year Bring?

Elizabeth Rochin, MSN, RN, is the clinical manager of 7 East at Rex Hospital. Her “Nurse’s Week” blog posts bring you a series of reflections on being a nurse at Rex.

Another Nurse’s Week has come to a close, but perhaps what we don’t realize is that every week is Nurse’s Week. Every week, we provide outstanding care to our patients and remind ourselves of the pact we have with our patients, families and communities. That pact assures our readiness to restore our patients to their optimal level of health and well-being.

So, what will another year bring us as nurses at Rex? What accomplishments and contributions do you see yourself making to continuously improve nursing care? Perhaps your path may be found in one or more of the areas below:

  • Becoming involved in Magnet Re-designation within your unit or department
  • Becoming certified in your specialty
  • Participation in the Clinical Ladder
  • Returning to school to advance your education or career
  • Coming up with strategies to reduce the risk of falls
  • You fill in the blank!

So, what will we be able to say about this coming year for our Rex Nursing Team? What do we want to be known for?

I can tell you what we are known for: we are known for delivering outstanding nursing care. We are known for ensuring the safety and comfort of our patients. We are known for our keen ability to swiftly change our plan of care based upon a subtle change. We are known for our resilience to constant change. We are known for creating light out of darkness. We are known for nursing excellence.

Let’s make this year the best year yet for Rex Nursing. Your contributions will be critical as we continue through the maze of health care reform, make a move from Cerner to Epic, ready ourselves for our next Joint Commission survey visit and finalize documentation and readiness for Magnet re-designation  just to name a few!  As you can see, we have a great deal ahead of us in the next year. We continue to grow as nurses, both as individuals and as a profession. We are ready for the challenges ahead of us. Our patients deserve our ability to successfully meet these challenges.

I can’t wait to read about our accomplishments and contributions to nursing next year! We will have so many stories to share…what will yours be?

We are grateful to you. Thank you for everything you do for your patients, for your teams, and for Rex Healthcare.

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