Running the Rex Healthcare Half Marathon – as a Family

Post by Bonnie Quesenberry. Bonnie and her two twin sons, Joey and Josh, have been running together for a year and a half. On November 4, all three will be running in the Raleigh City of Oaks Marathon series; Joey and Josh running in the Rex Healthcare Half Marathon and Bonnie running in the News & Observer Old Reliable 10K.

Joey, Josh and I started getting serious about running about a year and a half ago when the boys were in the 7th grade and running track for Leesville Middle School. I had been running very casually for a while before that by running a mile about 3 times a week, but watching the boys run so much motivated me to bump it up a bit. During that time, the boys really wanted to run a race, so we entered the Capital City 10K in downtown Raleigh. That’s when we really got the bug! The boys did great and I did better than I expected which got us very excited.

That following summer, Josh and Joey were talking half marathon. Honestly, I thought that was out of my reach and I only laughed at the thought. Well, they kept on me for about six months and they both decided they were going to go for it. I guess the pressure got to me and I decided to go for it also. At the end of January 2012 we had signed up for the half marathon RunRaleigh. We immediately started training and were feeling great about it. Unfortunately, Josh injured his lower leg in February and had to bow out of the training. He was devastated, but was very encouraging to Joey and I to continue our training without him. It was hard to keep going knowing Josh was not going to be able to run with us, but we were committed to doing the race so we pressed on. The training went surprisingly well for Joey and I. Although very time consuming, we were feeling really well about the race.

Finally April 15th came and we ran the race, both of us feeling great about our times. Joey ran a 1:47:45 and me a 2:04:24! We were so happy! Meanwhile, Josh’s injury was much improved and he couldn’t wait to sign up for the next half. The boys started running for Leesville High cross country in July and they were well on their way to training so we signed them up for the Rex Healthcare Half Marathon. I was a little overwhelmed by the thought of another half at this time, so I opted for the News & Observer Old Reliable 10K. This way we could all still race together.

We are very excited and looking forward to this weekend! Best part of all, we have all developed a love for running and I see it as part of our future for a long time to come!