Safe Sitters at Rex

Post by Sarah Johnson and Abby Schiller. Sarah and Abby recently completed the Safe Sitter® class at Rex. Safe Sitter® prepares 11-13 year olds for the responsibilities of nurturing and protecting children through hands-on training with medically-trained experts. Safe Sitter® is a 6½-hour curriculum that includes Infant and Child CPR. Below is what two of the attendees had to say about their experience with the course here at Rex.

If the characters in the book The Baby Sitters Club had taken the Safe Sitter® class at Rex, it would have been a very different story. They would never have had the crazy experiences or at least if something crazy came up they would have known how to handle the situation a whole lot better.

On Friday, July 27th I took the Safe Sitter® class at Rex Healthcare with one of my friends. It was a lot of fun. It taught me how to be a responsible babysitter and how to handle emergencies that might come up when you are alone or taking care of others. During the class we learned a lot, including what kind of activities kids enjoy and how to entertain them; what you can do if kids don’t listen to you; what to do if they get sick or even what to do if they have problems with other kids.

I think the most important thing I learned during the class was how to perform CPR on babies and older children, and how to prevent choking. Of course I hope I never have to use these skills but it is great to know how to save someone’s life if I ever need too!

Basically, this class didn’t just teach me great babysitting skills, it taught me great life skills. I know that every babysitting job will have its ups and downs but thanks to this class, I know I can handle anything that happens when I’m left alone and in charge.

–Sarah Louise Johnson

My name is Abby Schiller and I recently took the Safe Sitter® class. It was a very important class because I not only learned how to be a good, nice and safe babysitter, but I learned how to save a life!

I learned how to do CPR on an infant and child. I also learned how to save a chocking infant and child using two different types of Heimlich maneuvers. I’m glad I learned this because it assures me that a child I’m watching, or anyone, can be safe with me around!

We also learned ways to help in an emergency and how to be responsible, caring and fun! I will now make sure that my first client is more than 100% satisfied, and my first child, from nap time to snack time, wants me to return to take care of him or her.

I would like to thank Rex Hospital and Safe Sitter® for providing such a great program. I would encourage all people who want to babysit to take this class.

–Abby Schiller

For more information and to inquire about upcoming Safe Sitter® classes, please visit or call (919) 784-2145.