Swimming for Fitness

Post by Catherine Baldwin, a Group Exercise Instructor at Rex Wellness Centers.

I have heard you can’t lose weight by swimming. Do you think that is true? I say you’ll get out of it what you put into it! Don’t approach a workout with a laissez-faire attitude – you’ll get poor results. Approach your workout with a PLAN!

I am in the pool area almost every day of the week, coaching swimming, training clients, or teaching. I see people completing all different types of work outs. Some folks come in every day and swim laps. Others come in with a bag full of equipment and a printed triathlon training worksheet. Both have a goal and a plan on how to get there. Great idea!

For example, if you are slogging it out just to finish a mile (and hating it), try breaking the workout into sets and intervals. It will improve fitness and increase your yardage. It seems counter intuitive. Stopping and starting is better than keepin’ on…??? But it makes sense. Don’t drone on and on just to complete a mile. Increase speed and time your rest breaks. You might even notice that you’re breathing better and feeling better. Try coming to one of the lap swimming classes Rex Wellness Centers offer. Joining a group will rock your world. And you’ll be keeping company with like-minded individuals. That’s a bonus for any workout – finding a workout buddy.

You will get out of swimming what you put into it, just like in life. Let us know if you need help! Give us a call if you need swim lessons or personal training to help keep you motivated and on the right track.