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2015 Great 100 Nurses

Rex is proud of Sheri Taylor, RN BSN IBCLC, Lactation Services, Women’s & Children’s Services, Fadwa Bousliman, RN PCCN, Team Leader, Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Services, and Rosemary Hill, RN BSN, Special Care Nursery, Women’s & Children’s Services, for being selected for this year’s list of the Great 100 Nurses in North Carolina. The prestigious list recognizes registered nurses for their outstanding professional abilities and commitment to improving health care in their communities. The list is compiled by The Great 100 Inc., a grassroots, peer recognition organization that honors the nursing profession in North Carolina.

In honor of their accolade, we asked Sheri and Fadwa to share what being a Great 100 nurse means to them.

Sheri Taylor, RN BSN IBCLC, Lactation Services, Women’s & Children’s Services:

Sheri Taylor, RN BSN IBCLC

Sheri Taylor, RN BSN IBCLC

Many months ago, my supervisor let me know she was nominating me for the Great 100.  I was grateful for the confidence and trust that she had in me and humbled by her wanting to take the time to fill out the application.

Last month, I got notification in the mail that I had been selected to be one of 2015 Great 100 nurses.  I was excited that I was selected.  I was excited that I could represent not only myself, but nursing in Women’s and Children’s, and nursing at Rex.

As the news spread to my friends, family, and colleagues that I had been selected, the kind words and comments that have come my way have been overwhelming.  People I didn’t even know very well were congratulating me.  People who did know me well gave me words of praise.  My colleagues were as excited as I was. It was like having a celebration every day at work.  Most humbling of all were the words of praise from some of the families I have worked with over the years.

I am more appreciative of my role in helping new families than ever before.  I wish every nurse could hear the words of appreciation, support, and praise that I have heard since being named a Great 100 nurse.  I have never been prouder of being a nurse.

Fadwa Bousliman, RN PCCN, Team Leader, Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Services:

Fadwa Bousliman, RN

Fadwa Bousliman, RN PCCN

I started working on Three West eight years ago as a foreign nurse, struggling with her communication skills. My assets were a big heart and a sense of humor. I was determined to make my patients’ lives a little better, at least during my shift. I have been fortunate to work with a great team and a wonderful manager; they inspired, directed, and encouraged me. Since then I have grown to become the go-to person on my unit.

I never dreamed that I would win any award. I certainly wasn’t doing anything for it – I was doing my job, a job that I love. When my manager, Janice Laurore, informed me that she nominated me for the Great 100 Nurses for North Carolina award, I was thrilled. It’s meaningful to know that someone believes you are good enough to deserve an award. I told my manager that being nominated is a win in itself.

When I got the letter confirming that I was selected as a Great 100 Nurse, I was ecstatic. I called my manager on her cellphone to inform her. We were screaming on the phone like teenagers! Winning this award has taught me that with hard working anything is possible. It motivated me to do an even better job.

Words cannot express how happy and proud I am to receive this award. I feel valued and appreciated. I am deeply thankful and grateful for this award.

Fadwa, Rosemary and Sheri, 3 of North Carolina's Great 100 Nurses

Fadwa, Rosemary and Sheri, 3 of North Carolina’s Great 100 Nurses

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25 Years of Cardiac Surgery at Rex

Written by Betsy Kelley RN, MS, GNC; Cardiovascular Clinical Nurse Specialist at Rex then (1989) and now (2014).


CTRU and OR5 staff, March 1989

March 15, 2014 will mark 25 years since the first cardiac surgical procedure at Rex Hospital was performed. After months of preparation and planning by physicians, nurses, administrators, and a host of other disciplines, our first patient left OR5 after a “rolling call” to the new Cardiothoracic Recovery Unit (CTRU) on March 15, 1989.

Many things have changed at Rex since that day, including Rex becoming a part of the UNC Health Care system, CTRU’s name (now the CTICU) the length of time our heart patients are hospitalized, the variety of procedures performed, and most of the faces associated with the program. However, there are a few Rex co-workers who were part of that auspicious day, that are still working in their heart-related service areas at Rex.

As the first Clinical Nurse Specialist hired at Rex, and the person charged with educating and orienting all CTRU and 4W nurses, I was nervous on 3/15/89, hoping for a smooth start to our program, and a successful outcome for our patient.


Nurses tending to the first heart patient, March 1989

Our first patient did extremely well, but our CNO at the time, Patti Fralix, wanted to make sure he continued to do well post-discharge and asked me to make a “home visit” to him. I met him at his bait and tackle shop in Fuquay-Varina, where I was pleased to see he was progressing satisfactorily. I’m sure such a visit by a non home-health nurse would never be allowable in this day and age!

My office was in the current Room 8 in CTRU, so I was close at hand for support of the staff. I slept in CTRU several nights in the first couple years of our program. The Clinical Manager Cheryl Batchelor and I were not both allowed to be on vacation at the same time during the first year. I worked with the cardiac surgery program for 11 years, and then left Rex.

FirstCase_DrsChaurdry_Davis_March and Jenny Monaco023

Doctors operate on the first heart patient, March 1989

Two years ago I had the opportunity to again work with the cardiothoracic surgeons and staff. One of my first tasks was helping our physicians and support staff to get our TAVR program up and running. It was a “mini” revisit to the excitement of 1989! Our heart program has outdone every expectation I ever had for it. The original open heart OR staff called our group “pioneers.” We are proud to have cleared a path for others to follow.

For those of us that were a part of the events that day, it is gratifying to see the growth of our heart services and cardiac surgery program, and there is much anticipation for our new North Carolina Heart and Vascular Hospital scheduled to open its doors by the end of 2016. We never would have imagined such a culmination to our work back in 1989. We are so proud of our program’s history, and our contributions to the excellent care provided to cardiac surgery patients at Rex.


RNs Patricia Sloan, Betsy Kelly, and Vickie Alston, some of the original nurses still at Rex since the first heart surgery, March 2014

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