Tailgating without Regrets: 7 Tips

group of friend high fivingIt’s football season, and you live in the Triangle! Whether you’re cheering for the Wolfpack, the Blue Devils, or the Tar Heels, chances are that you might find yourself tailgating this autumn.

Why? Because it’s fun! Until the next morning when the massive burgers, wings, chips and high calorie drinks make you wish you had a chance to do it all again. But smarter.

The fact is, tailgating doesn’t have to make you feel horrible the next day.

Here are seven tips for healthy tailgating!

1. Be active!

kid playing bean bag toss

Play hacky sack. Play bean bag toss. Throw the ol’ football! Zip the frisbee around! Take a stroll! Check things out! Ditch the reclining fold up chair! Move your body! Dance like no one is watching! Or maybe not that last one.

2. Make black bean burgers.

black bean burgers on the grill

So delish. So nutrish. There’s less fat in this delightful dish.

3. If your arm has been twisted, and you absolutely MUST drink beer…

glass of soda water with lime slice

Consider drinking a soda water with lime between each one. Your loved ones will thank you and so will your body. Everybody wins! Go, teams!

4. Protect your skin.

person applying sunscreen to arm

Using sunscreen and/or long sleeves is always a great idea, especially when you are in the direct path of the relentless, relentless sun. A hat and sunglasses never hurt anyone, either. In fact, they make you look cool, generally speaking.

5. Fruit. It’s natural.

fruit plate

Have you ever noticed that fresh fruit tastes more delicious when you’re staring at a parking lot full of cars?

But, anyway, yeah, fruit! Eat it daily. It’ll give you energy for cheering. It’ll do a lot of other awesome things for your body. It’s fruit!

6. Veggies are just healthy vehicles for dip!

vegetables with guacamole

Eat them! Feed them to your friends in parking lots with guacamole or dip, and your friends will feel so relieved to have something healthy to eat. “Thank you,” they’ll say, meaningfully. Now, break eye contact before it gets awkward.

7. Hand sanitizer.

woman using hand sanitizer while tailgating

You’re probably not going to have immediate access to soap and water. To keep your hands clean, bring along some sanitizer. That way, after high fives with your favorites, you can breathe easy.