The Cage in the Corner

Post by Jessica Tucker, Operation Manager at Rex Wellness Center of Wakefield.

Ever wondered in fitness centers what the “cage in the corner” is all about? You have seen a few people using it, but are still unsure how to approach. Meet TRUEStretch®. This is an upright stretch unit developed by physical therapist, Gary Gray. All stretching is conducted in the upright position and is accompanied by helpful photos that help guide positioning. Stretching in an upright position decreases the risk of injury and allows for multiple joint stretching. Light stretching enhances blood flow and helps maintain healthy range of motion. Stretching multiple joints simultaneously in the upright position resembles the way we use our body daily, making this piece of equipment feel natural and quite pleasant. This type of functional stretch can help you experience increased alertness, improved body awareness and a general feeling of relaxation. Moreover, the unit is stable, safe and easy to use.

The next time you come in for a workout at Rex Wellness, spend a few minutes before or after your exercise getting to know the health benefits of TRUEStretch®. As always, feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our wellness instructors if you need a little help getting started!