UNC REX’s Pregnancy & Baby App Is Now Available in the App Store

032017_facebook_ad_withlogo_and_titleThe brand new Pregnancy & Baby app from UNC REX has all the engaging information about your baby’s development that the most popular pregnancy apps have, but ours also connects you to your community hospital.

“This mobile app gives us a fabulous way to connect with our patients as soon as they learn they are expecting,” says Susan O’Dell, Director of Women’s and Children’s Services at UNC REX. “Each new ‘mother to be’ can track their pregnancy, learn about baby development and preparing for childbirth, as well as learn about educational offerings and other opportunities at UNC REX. We are really excited to use this technology to better serve our families!”

Pregnancy & Baby tells you what you should pack in your bag when the anticipated time finally comes, but it also gives you specifics about your stay at REX, including the financial information you should know up front, so that you can be as informed as possible.

Our app is about interacting with our patients at the beginning of their pregnancy journeys and maintaining that relationship after delivery. You get familiar with UNC REX while you’re seeing how your baby is developing, and we keep giving you information between your OB appointments.

Our app offers more information about newborns, postpartum issues, and breastfeeding than other apps.

Conceived by moms in our own marketing department, Pregnancy & Baby provides clinical information from a hospital and medical source you already know. Through the app, you have access to all UNC REX’s resources. You can sign up for classes and learn about the doctors you’ll meet right from your mobile device.

And not to brag, but UNC REX is the only hospital in the Triangle that has a pregnancy and baby app. So there’s that.

Download our free UNC REX Pregnancy & Baby Mobile App from the app store and get:

• Weekly development milestones via push notifications
• Animations and videos
• Find a Doctor tool
• Personal journal with social media capabilities
• Trackers for appointments, weight management, contractions, immunizations and much more!