When to Call on Rex Express Care

042114_expresscare1Dr. Linwood Watson is the medical director for the Rex Express Care system and sees patients full time at the Knightdale Express Care site. He is board certified in family medicine and works with an enthusiastic group of nurses ,emergency medicine physicians, family medicine physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants in the Rex Express Care system. Dr. Watson enjoys acute care medicine and the satisfaction of people walking out of the clinic truly feeling better.

How to Maximize Your Health and Your Convenience

042114_expresscare2The healthcare scene in the Triangle has many regular and after hours options, one of which is the Rex Express Care system. These 4 clinics bring regular and after hours healthcare directly to you via Cary, Holly Springs, Knightdale and Wakefield locations.

Rex Express Care clinics occupy the “middle ground” of not being a full service emergency room, not being a traditional chronic disease care (high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol) clinic, and not being a lower level “retail clinic.” We address acute care issues as well as common but basic procedures like simple lacerations and abscess/boil/bite treatment.

All of our sites are staffed with an onsite physician and have lab and x-ray facilities. Plus, we offer a large variety of in- clinic medical equipment, such as splints and crutches.  You can visit www.rexhealth.com for more information, but here are a few “insider secrets” to help you properly utilize this quick and convenient service from Rex.

  1. 042114_expresscare3Have a cough? Worried about pneumonia? Rex Express Cares offer all of the needed on site labs and x-rays to put you at ease with a diagnosis and plan to help feel better.  Many retail clinics cannot treat you if any of your vital signs are abnormal and as such we offer a solution.
  2. Did you cut yourself on that cursed tin can top? Did the knife in the dish water hide in the suds and cut you? Rex Express Care can help! A good rule is that if any cut keeps 042114_expresscare4bleeding or oozing after 15 minutes of firm, direct pressure, then it should be medically evaluated.  Rex Express Cares can sew, glue, staple, or bandage you up without the ER wait. Plus, we can update your tetanus booster on site.
  3. Have an itch that can’t wait till Monday for your regular doctor? Do you think its poison ivy from clearing that fenceline, or is the itch a bit more-ahem-personal? We can find the “off switch to your itch” even on the weekends!

A few overlooked items that are still best served in the ER are: any all terrain vehicle (ATV) injuries, any fall with loss of consciousness, large size burns, toxin and poison ingestions, and most chainsaw injuries. However, many times you can save a trip to (and bill from) the ER by seeking help at the Rex Express Care Centers instead!

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